Custom Account Profiles

Our software allows us to custom design account profiles to meet the individual needs of every client from medical professionals to property management to funeral homes.


Medical Professionals

With custom profiles, we provide operators with more than just your office hours and location. We make sure they are equipped with information regarding the types of patient calls taken after hours, whether or not general messages should be taken, and how hospital calls should be handled. This feature helps eliminate unnecessary after hours paging and ensures that all calls are directed as the desired by the office.

Property Management

Custom profiles benefit property management in a big way. We can list right on the page what is considered to be a maintenance emergency, procedures for calling a courtesy officer or police department, and information on the spaces or units you have available.

Funeral Homes

Customization benefits funeral homes by limiting the number of calls regarding service and visitation information. We can upload obituaries directly onto your account information page to help answer those calls and allow you to handle other more detailed and urgent calls.