Secure Messaging

For the majority of businesses looking to use an answering service, HIPPA regulations are a huge concern. With the newest regulations in place, we moved to a secure messaging software system for all of our medical professionals. Always Online uses MiSecure Messaging, which is an app that is downloaded directly to a providers phone. With the help of this app, all messages are not only taken and stored on secured lines, but they are also sent out over secure lines.

MiSecure Messaging Features and Benefits:

  • Encryption - Keeps your data and patient information secure by utilizing end-to-end message encryption
  • No messages are stored on your device
  • Passcodes- This feature is optional, but is an additional step to help ensure your messages are kept secure
  • Allows Remote Disabling- If you misplace your device, the app can be disabled remotely to ensure that the device can longer access information from MiSecure Messages.
  • Save money when you consolidate devices
  • It's Fast- MiSecure Messages sends large amounts of data quickly, helping you to provide better service and care for your customers.
  • It's Persistent- The app uses persistent alerts to ensure no messages are missed. If you use the app on more than one device, your messages are synchronized.
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Easy to Use- Available on Apple, Android, and Windows 8 devices. You have the ability to set your own alert intervals.
  • Keeps You Informed- MiSecure keeps track of all activity. A message log is kept  with message histories, and indicates who the messages were sent to, when the messages were viewed, and who sent a reply.

Here is a link to a demo video for MiSecure Messaging: